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Your vision is key to a healthy life

It All Begins With Regular Eye Exams

Less than half of the 63 million Americans that have a vision issue saw an Eyecare Professional last year. It’s important for you and your family members to get a comprehensive eye examination every year.

Vision Issues by Age

As we age, our vision changes. Kids, adults, and seniors can all be affected by vision issues.

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Signs You May Need Glasses

Blurry vision. Squinting. Headaches. Difficulty seeing at night. All of these symptoms and more are signs you could possibly need to have your vision corrected. You should begin by making an appointment with an Eyecare Professional to have a comprehensive eye exam.

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Common Vision Conditions

There are a variety of vision conditions you should be aware of. They can affect you at different ages and can vary in severity.

The Anatomy of the Human Eye

The human eye is an amazing organ. Here are all of its components that allow us to see in both light and dark conditions.

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