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Essilor means innovation

It’s a word synonymous with Essilor and for good reason. For nearly 170 years, we’ve been tirelessly innovating, pushing our lenses to deliver more.

Continuous Innovation Guided by Consumers

Eye doctor administering eye exam with eye exam tool.

At Essilor, we believe lenses can reveal a world more beautiful than you ever imagined. That’s why your needs are at the center of our innovation, from research and development to how we design our lenses and more. We never stop examining the unique challenges and lifestyles of our lens wearers, and dedicate ourselves to vision solutions for today and tomorrow.

Research & Development

Leading the industry in lens innovation

Lens Science

Cutting-edge lenses for your best vision

How Lenses
Are Made

The blueprint for advanced, premium lenses

Personalize Your Lenses

Discover a customized solution for your lifestyle.

The Ultimate Lens Package

Combine three innovative technologies for our ultimate in vision, clarity, and protection.
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Progressive lenses that provide sharp vision and smooth transitions at any distance.


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