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What does it mean to be nearsighted?

Distant Objects Are Blurry

Nearsightedness, or Myopia, is very common; 25%* of adults worldwide live with this vision condition. For these people close objects are clear, but distant object are blurred and difficult to distinguish.

Nearsightedness happens when light focuses in front of the retina, as opposed to on the retina- usually because the eye is elongated.

*All About Vision 2015

Nearsightedness Is Genetic

Often passed on genetically, the condition is often detected between the ages of 8 and 12 years old. Nearsightedness usually worsens during adolescence, and stabilizes in early adulthood. Although most often benign, extreme nearsightedness carries a higher risk of a retinal detachment.

How is this different from being Farsighted?

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