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Other Ways Essilor Enhances Your Vision

Tired of dealing with foggy lenses on your eyeglasses? Get fog-free vision with Optifog lenses from Essilor. Simply wipe your Optifog lenses with the Optifog Activator Cloth. It activates the anti-fog properties and cleans your lenses at the same time! Don’t let fog come between you and seeing your best. Get Optifog from Essilor.


DEFINITY® digital progressive lenses provide clear vision at any distance with no distracting line running across the lens. You will experience less distortion, and will not need to continue moving your head side-to-side to see properly. Providing extremely wide vision zones and enhanced visual performance to keep up with your active lifestyle, DEFINITY lenses are easy and comfortable from the moment you put them on.

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Have you looked around lately? We live in a beautiful world. Every day, we see wonderful views and special moments. You deserve to enjoy this beauty in the best color possible. Kodak lenses can provide you with the richest, most vibrant colors imaginable.

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Sharper, Clearer Vision

Now you can experience three incredible vision benefits in one advanced lens system. Nikon Eyes are specifically designed and digitally engineered to provide you sharper, clearer vision. They are scratch resistant, easier to clean and more durable than ordinary lenses.

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