Sunwear: The Essential 2nd Pair

Sunglasses are a Necessity You Should Prescribe

Many of your patients use sunscreen to protect their skin. But unfortunately, many are completely unaware of the detrimental effects of UV on their eyes.

Experience the Outdoors Like Never Before

Xperio UV polarized sun lenses give your patients better protection and provide more comfort than ordinary sun glasses with standard tinted lenses.

Ordinary tinted lenses can reduce brightness and provide some UV protection (if they are properly treated), but only Xperio UV polarized lenses provide maximum UV protection, glare reduction, sharp outdoor color perception and scratch resistance, with lens color that will not fade over time and are easy to clean.

UV Protection: Everyone knows that UV rays are harmful. Xperio UV polarized lenses provide maximum UV protection from both the front and back sides of the lens, allowing patients to experience their world more safely and beautifully.

Performance: Xperio UV polarized lenses let your patients see even the smallest things with great clarity, excellent color perception and total comfort.

*Simulated Imagery

Introducing the Essilor Sun Portfolio

Prescription Sun Lenses for everyone under the sun. Incomparable style, more choices and exceptional performance.