Essilor Progressive Lenses

When it comes to progressive designs, we’re visionaries

Since the introduction of the Varilux brand in 1959, Essilor has been recognized as the leader in progressive lens designs. Our expanded portifolio now not only includes Varilux, but also DEFINITY and Essilor PALs.

Natural Vision. Forever.

Since the creation of the first Varilux® progressive lens in 1959, Essillor’s unmatched dedication to research and development has been focused on a single goal – helping Eyecare Professionals provide patients with the most natural vision possible.

The Varilux design process incorporates a rigorous series of wearer trials, which means prototype lenses are tested by real people to ensure optimal lens performance. The goal of the design process is to create a progressive lens that can integrate seamlessly into the complex human visual system – eye, brain and body.

To help your patients experience natural vision, describe the benefits of a better design and prescribe Varilux.

DEFINITY® lenses use both sides of the lens to create a progressive lens that is as close to a regular, single-vision lens as you can get. This means that your patient will have less distortion throughout their lenses.


  • An additional zone of vision at the bottom and sides of the lenses, unique to DEFINITY
  • Allows patients to see better when looking down at the ground
  • Enhances vision for everyday activities like going up and down stairs, escalators, computer use and driving
  • Ideal for demanding activities like golfing, hiking, biking, tennis and more

Essilor Ideal®

Digitally Engineered for Effortless Vision

Essilor Ideal is a patented lens design backed by Essilor's Superior Optics, creating a softer, more symmetrical design for an enhanced visual experience.

  • Employs Essilor Ideal Back Side Optics Equalizer technology
  • Provides a symmetrical, soft design that relocates astigmatism
  • Optimizes vision with wider corridors and easy access to the visual zones