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Lens Material Matters

Plastic vs. High-Index Lenses

With ordinary plastic lenses, a strong prescription can result in a thicker, lens. In contrast, high-index lens material will reduce lens thickness for greater comfort and a better appearance.

Plastic vs. Polycarbonate Lenses

When it comes to impact resistance, polycarbonate lenses outperform plastic and hi-index, and are typically a good choice for children and teenagers.

Hi-Index Lenses

Essilor and Hi-Index

Despite technological advancements, more than one-third of patients continue to be offered thick, fragile and outdated standard plastic lenses.

Essilor offers hi-index 1.67 and 1.74 lenses that are thinner and lighter with more appealing aesthetics for greater comfort and a better look.

Polycarbonate Material and Impact Resistance

Light, strong and more durable

Essilor offers impact resistant lens material that are recommended for all children and active adults.

  • 20% thinner & 30% lighter than standard plastic lenses
  • 12X more impact resistant than standard plastic lenses

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