Recognition and Awards

Fortune and Forbes

In 2015, Essilor was featured on Fortune magazine’s first-ever “Change the World” list, where companies are recognized for “doing well by doing good.” Essilor was specifically recognized for its 2.5 New Vision Generation division, which has expanded eye care access to underserved populations in 22 countries, including India and China.

For the fifth year in a row, Essilor was ranked on Forbes magazine’s “Most Innovative Companies List,” which consists of 100 firms that investors believe will create profitable new ideas.

Corporate Responsibility

In 2014, United Healthcare awarded Essilor with the Shining Light Award for its leadership in corporate responsibility and outreach with Essilor Vision Foundation. The Shining Light Award recognizes a program that demonstrates overall excellence in social responsibility by addressing an important health or other basic need in society. Nominees for the award exemplify creation of shared value—providing mutual benefit to the organization and to society; innovation and leadership in addressing the challenge; and demonstration of impact and measurable results. United Healthcare also partners with Essilor Vision Foundation and Kids Vision For Life coalitions across the US.