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What are single vision lenses?

The Solution for Many Common Vision Problems

A single vision lens has the same power of correction across its whole surface. It can be used to correct “simple” vision conditions, such as myopia*, hyperopia* and astigmatism*, as well as “high correction” patients – people whose eyesight is very poor.

Single Vision Lens Designs & Materials Really Do Matter

Single vision lenses are available in several different materials, such as polycarbonate, plastic or high-index. With ordinary plastic lenses, a strong prescription can result in thicker, heavier glasses. In contrast, high-index lens material will reduce thickness for greater comfort and a better appearance.

Three factors generally guide the selection of which material is best for you: your vision correction; your lifestyle; your own personal preferences. These will help determine whether you would prefer an ultra-light material, a high-impact resistant material, a combination of both, or simply an ordinary plastic lens.

Single Vision Lenses vs. Progressive Lenses – What’s the Difference?

Single vision lenses have one, consistent focal power to correct a single vision condition. Progressive lenses are “multi-focal.” In other words, the progressive corrects more than one vision condition, with its focal power “progressing” from top to bottom - without a visible line separating them. So, even though the two styles of lenses look the same, they correct very different vision conditions. Progressive lenses are generally only required as we reach middle age, to correct the blurry, near vision condition called Presbyopia.

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