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Reading the Small Print

Reading Glasses: an Interim Solution

When we turn 40, our eyes begin to change in flexibility, making near objects seem out of focus. This condition is called presbyopia, and affects nearly everyone at age 40 and older. That is why it is important to have a comprehensive eye exam every year to help correct it.

Signs You Need Reading Glasses

If you are struggling to read small print, or you find yourself extending your arms to focus on reading material, it's time to give your vision some help. And the first solution many people try is a pair of reading glasses, or readers.

Prescription Lenses Are a Better Solution

While reading glasses are a low cost and accessible solution for many people, a better solution is prescription lenses tailored to your specific vision needs. Prescription eyeglasses from an Eyecare Professional are hands-down a better choice than one-size-fits-all readers.

Quite often, each eye has a different correctional need, so using basic readers might contribute to eye strain – instead of reducing it. And there’s also the hassle of putting reading glasses on and taking them off frequently.

Natural Vision. Forever.

Varilux progressive lenses are the first and best solution for presbyopia.

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